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Beamback vs Colchester

By mickshack69, Sep 20 2015 07:10AM

Bradford City will be hosting a beamback from Colchester United on Tuesday 29th September. The beamback will be held in the McCall and Hendrie suites at the Coral Window Stadium. This will be an ALL ticket event open to season ticket holders only. Tickets are priced at £10 Adult and £5 Juniors. Tickets are available from the ticket office - either in person or on-line. There is also a food option which should be pre-ordered through the Commercial shop page.

We expect a limited number of Colchester programmes to be available on the night.

How will it work?

ADI, who supply matchday content throughout the Premiership and Football League will beam the match back to the ground via their control centre. This will be an instant high quality feed - this is not a web based streamed feed.

The feed will replicate the same process seen in premiership grounds. For example the live feed at Everton is beamed back to ADI in Preston who mix the video feed and then return in to the ground for instance use in hospitality and the 'Big Screen'. This is the same function that will be used on the 29th September - there will be no noticeable delay.

We are currently working with the Pulse1 Sport to have commentary from the game too. We expect to sync this to the video feed.

The match will be shown on the existing TV screens. Depending on numbers attending we will review the option of obtaining a big screen too.

The commercial department will review the evening with a view to potentially offering this again if there is a demand for it. However we will not be doing this for every away game.

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